Submission and Travel

After 6 month into PhD research, I submitted my first short paper for the OZCHI 2009 in Melbourne. Submission deadline is today and my paper is number 147 in the submission history. 147 is quite a big number. However, accepted or not, I was good practise to write down the results of a first mobile application I developed during the last 3 month. Furthermore, I’m looking forward to get some feedback from the reviewers. I also applied for the doctoral consortium, I applied to become a student volunteer, and I’m in the organizing committee for the Workshop on Multi-channel Content Personalisation held in conjunction with the OZCHI 2009. Looks like I’ll be definitely in Melbourne this November.

What else?

I won a scholarship to attend the dev/world/2009 in Canberra. I also applied for a scholarship to attend the iPhone SDK Workshop held directly after the dev/world/2009. Will be fun to meet a bunch of nerds in the capital of Australia to do nerdy things.

What else?

I’ll be on a one-week holiday in Tasmania with two other PhD nerds. Not quite sure yet if we rent a car, 3 scooters, or 1 scooter 1 jet ski and 1 quad. Will be fun…

What else?

Will be in Sydney at the beginning of December for the Smart Services CRC student conference. No idea what happens there, but will be…mmmh…insightful.

Summarized I’ll be in:

Canberra 28.09.2009 – 02.10.2009
Tasmania 04.11.2009 – 11.11.2009
Melbourne 23.11.2009 -27.11.2009
Sydney 01.12.2009 – 03.12.2009
Germany 06.12.2009 – 16.01.2010


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