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It must have…

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

… 4 wheels and I’ll like it.

A case study for my research involving boards with 4 wheels…think, think, think

Don’t be evil

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009


Growing a Mo

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

It’s Movember

My Mospace

Submission and Travel

Friday, September 4th, 2009

After 6 month into PhD research, I submitted my first short paper for the OZCHI 2009 in Melbourne. Submission deadline is today and my paper is number 147 in the submission history. 147 is quite a big number. However, accepted or not, I was good practise to write down the results of a first mobile application I developed during the last 3 month. Furthermore, I’m looking forward to get some feedback from the reviewers. I also applied for the doctoral consortium, I applied to become a student volunteer, and I’m in the organizing committee for the Workshop on Multi-channel Content Personalisation held in conjunction with the OZCHI 2009. Looks like I’ll be definitely in Melbourne this November.

What else?

I won a scholarship to attend the dev/world/2009 in Canberra. I also applied for a scholarship to attend the iPhone SDK Workshop held directly after the dev/world/2009. Will be fun to meet a bunch of nerds in the capital of Australia to do nerdy things.

What else?

I’ll be on a one-week holiday in Tasmania with two other PhD nerds. Not quite sure yet if we rent a car, 3 scooters, or 1 scooter 1 jet ski and 1 quad. Will be fun…

What else?

Will be in Sydney at the beginning of December for the Smart Services CRC student conference. No idea what happens there, but will be…mmmh…insightful.

Summarized I’ll be in:

Canberra 28.09.2009 – 02.10.2009
Tasmania 04.11.2009 – 11.11.2009
Melbourne 23.11.2009 -27.11.2009
Sydney 01.12.2009 – 03.12.2009
Germany 06.12.2009 – 16.01.2010

This could go adventurous

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

I went to this keynote today held by Adam Greenfield, Nokia’s head of design direction for service and user-interface design. He talked about ubiquitous computing and the networked city. In his keynote, Adam Greenfield mentioned that the introduction of IPv6 could enable the possibility that every object owns an IP address because a massive amount of unique identifiers will be available. This would enable a completely interconnected space. A car would be able to call a web service method offered by a traffic light to signalize an interest to pass the street. A letterbox could twitter that mail has arrived, whereas the information of the sender is read from a RFID tagged envelope and displayed via the mobile phone’s display while at work. Objects transform to services, components to resources, constants to variables, passive to active…semantic descriptions of offered and required services, service oriented architecture, web 2.0 services, and open API’s (need more buzzwords)…

Well, everything has benefits and drawbacks. Won’t go deeper into this. The talk was very impressive and I enjoyed it. I really have to read his book (besides all the other stuff).

Few weeks ago, I went to the now not so new anymore Terminator movie. After the movie I thought that the look of the Terminators in the movie is still quiet influenced from the first Terminator movie, which is from 1984. Example . Then I thought about how a Terminator could be. After the talk I had to thought about this again, the interconnected world.

Mh…uuh…Google is Skynet?

Free web-based tools like web searching, email, or document/image/video/code sharing and a freely available operating system for every imaginable device were the cornerstones for the new standardised world’s information and communication technology. A massive ontology has been established, which formalised all different kinds of imaginable concepts. Every bit of knowledge was then available and stored in machine-readable data formats. The ultra evil T-1200 algorithm has indexed everything. Through the amount of links between interconnected objects in the world, the web service calls, and the exchanged data with in real-time observed results, the algorithm is able to create new concepts and update evolving ones empowering the creation of new knowledge. Somehow…
Judgement day comes. Skynets algorithm shuts down port 80. Internet backbone traffic is filtered. World wide web is offline. The world’s knowledge, obviously stored in the cloud, is no longer accessible. Google’s uhm I mean Skynet’s algorithm is able to control everything what has an own IP address…

Now I could include some inspirational thoughts from the Matrix movie. Rewind. Judgement day didn’t happen. Yet.

Lets say Second Life became an awesome new graphic update, bio and neuro computer-science has made significant discoveries, and human-brain interfaces are widely used. It’s possible to download knowledge via the App Store. Chess or cooking skills, languages or books, memories and experiences, everything is available. Some cost money; some are funded through a brand new advertisement system: updating the users brain with a new necessity, buy an ice cream at the store to your right or change your favourite restaurant to the local fast food shop around the corner…

You know what I mean. The Matrix has you. And the world wide web is evil. Shouldn’t use it

My new Blog

Monday, July 6th, 2009

So, I have a blog now. Yippi. I will use this Blog to write about my research, mobile phones, apps, papers, and other things which come across my screen during my everyday work as a PhD student at the Faculty of Creative Industries, Queensland University of Technology (QUT). My PhD research topic is:

Enhancing the Experience of People in Urban Public Places through Context-Aware Mobile Content and Services

Therefore my current interests are in the area of mobile context-aware applications, location-based services, mobile HCI, user experience, usability and usefulness of mobile applications, mobile social software, urban informatics, web 2.0, and related privacy issues.

Indeed, sometimes work sucks! Therefore I will try to establish a NON-NERD category containing private stuff while spending the next three years in Brisbane, Australia.

I’m aiming to frequently update this page and write more or less interesting stuff. Let’s hope that will happen.